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Dome Wood

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Dome Wood

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    Experience the best that wood-fired cooking has to offer with Gozney Wood.

    Made from ash and beech pieces, this hardwood has been kiln dried to a moisture content of 15% (compared to seasoned hardwood at 40%) for unbeatable heat output and efficiency and is cut to the ideal size for use with Dome (20-50mm x 140mm).

    Kiln dried hardwoods are dense and have lots of energy to burn, the perfect fuel for Dome, delivering a clean, complete burn with a low smoke output, a large rolling flame and big wood-fired flavour. Perfect for your next outdoor cooking adventure!

  • Wood dimensions: Pieces cut to roughly 20-50mm x 140mm
  • Weight including packaging: 9kg
  • How many uses: Depends on your cooking methods, as the Dome will use around 3.5kg / 7.5lb of wood for a full heat up to saturation point and a pizza session for an average family. At max temperatures the oven will use around 2kg per hour.
  • Firelighters are not included.