Originally brought about to regulate both domestic and industrial smoke emissions in 1956, the Clean Air Act was passed after learning lessons from the Great Smog in 1952 which claimed the lives of many and had a significant environmental impact. This movement was an effort to reduce the amount of smoke pollution and sulphur dioxide emitted into the air in built up areas. It encouraged the use of cleaner coals, electricity and gas. This movement was powerful and effective, the result being a significant decrease in the burning of solid fuels in built up areas.

Fast forward 50 years and the interest in wood burning has recently soared, leading to an increase in wood fired stoves for both residential and commercial heating output as well as a substantial drive in alternative cooking techniques such as wood fired ovens for authentic pizza and high temperature cooking.

Whilst councils and governing bodies have been slower to catch up on the increased interest, councils now more than ever are paying attention to solid fuel burning in smoke controlled areas. Failure to present evidence of a DEFRA certified oven in a commercial environment could lead to immediate shutdown, large fines and eventually oven removal.

Luckily there are a select few oven suppliers who possess the certification to enable wood to be burnt in ovens throughout the England’s cities. Gozney Ovens, who manufacture commercial stone ovens in the UK, have been certified for wood fired applications across the entire range. As for residential applications, The Stone Bake Oven Company offers a range of wood fired ovens to ensure homeowners are fitting residential ovens safely and within the law.

“We take our environmental commitment very seriously,” says Tom Gozney from Gozney Ovens, “that’s why we ensure our ovens are developed and rigorously tested resulting in the lowest emission output.”

Gozney Ovens install commercial stone pizza ovens in some of the UK’s leading and most iconic chains, including fast growing Franco Manca and independent newcomers such as Homeslice of London. “It’s essential that we support our customers with the appropriate certification and customer service, says Tom.

Gozney Ovens pride themselves on using a fast assembly system when installing their ovens over a two day period, with even the largest piece fitting through a standard doorway. Thanks to this system, Gozney Ovens are able to retrospectively fit an oven for any restaurant that may not have a DEFRA certified oven.