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Winter Vegetable Pizza Recipe

Winter Vegetable Pizza Recipe

Winter Vegetable Pizza Recipe

Winter Vegetable Pizza Recipe

This month's recipe is a winter inspired vegetarian pizza that celebrates the best vegetables around. With a creamy pumpkin base and a colourful topping of aubergines, courgettes, sweet peppers and Fior di Latte Mozzarella, this mouth-watering pizza is finished with the newest vegan recreation of ‘Nduja- a traditional Calabrese delicacy by Sapori d’italia.

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  • 1 x dough ball 

  • 80-100g Fior di Latte mozzarella  

  • Pumpkin cream 

  • Vegan Nduja  

  • Mixed grilled vegetables – aubergines, courgettes, sweet peppers 

  • Basil & oregano (optional) 

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Step 1:

Open up your dough ball to around 9-10”.

Step 2:

Add a heaped tbsp of pumpkin cream and spread evenly over the base.

Step 3:

Slice 80-100g of Fior Di Latte cheese into strips or small cubes and spread over the pizza.

Step 4:

Add the mixed grilled vegetables and use a teaspoon to add a few blobs of the vegan Nduja.

Step 5:

Slide the pizza onto peel or scoop it up and give it a final stretch to fill your Gozney peel.

Step 6:

Bake in your Gozney oven of choice at 400-450°C/840°F for 60-90 seconds, rotating until cooked evenly on all sides.

Step 7:

Once baked, you could also add some optional fresh basil or oregano to finish.

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