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Smoked Potato Buns

By David Wright

Smoked Potato Buns

Smoked Potato Buns recipe

Buns, made from potato? The perfect bun for classic beef burgers, plant-based burgers, or even something fancy and flavourful like blue cheese-stuffed burgers. Fresh ideas from David Wright aka @thebreaducator.⁠


2-3 large potatoes 

A little olive oil and salt 

Fresh yeast 10g (1/4 oz) or 5g dried yeast 

Strong white flour 500g (1lb 2oz) 

Water 340g (12oz) 

Butter 100g (3 ½ oz) 

Fine Sea Salt 10g (1/4 oz) 

Baked Potato Flesh 180g (6 ¼ oz) 

All the skins, finely chopped 

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Step 1:

Make a wood fire in the Gozney Dome. Prick the potatoes and put them in a pan with oil and salt. Bake the potatoes for around 30-45 mins in the Dome at 200-250°C/392°F-482°F.

Step 2:

Separate the potato from the skin, scooping out the flesh. Then, finely chop up the potato skins.

Step 3:

To make the potato dough, add the water, yeast, potato flesh and skin, to your mixer and start mixing on slow. Next, add the flour in.

Step 4:

After 4 mins of mixing on slow, add in the salt, and increase the speed to fast.

Step 5:

Add in some butter, a little at a time. Mix on fast for 4 minutes. Once you have a silky dough, remove from the mixer and ball up on a surface.  

Step 6:

Place in a bowl, cover and ferment for 1 hour.

Step 7:

Ball dough into 85-90g/3 Oz balls. Place in lined baking tray and prove until doubled in size (40-60 mins).

Step 8:

Spritz the dough balls with water and add water to your Gozney Steam Injector. Add dough balls to the oven and place the Dome Door on.

Step 9:

Bake for 20-30 mins at 330°C/626°F in the Gozney Dome. At 15mins, check and rotate if needed.

Step 10:

To finish, brush with some oil infused with some herbs, shallots and garlic.

Recipe Contributor

David Wright

David is the Head Baker at Pump St Bakery in Suffolk, UK who has carved a niche for live fire baking.


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