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Neapolitan Calzone

By Adam Atkins

Neapolitan Calzone

Neapolitan Calzone

Take your pizza making game to the level and master this classic. A Neapolitan Calzone, brought to you by Gozney Brand Partner Adam Atkins (@peddlingpizzas).


250g/9 Oz dough ball  

60g/2Oz ricotta  

20g/0.7 Oz Napoli salami  

40g/1.4 Oz Fior De Latte Mozzarella  

2-3 basil leaves for inside  

30g/1 Oz tomato pizza sauce  

Pinch of hard cheese (Pecorino) 

Extra virgin olive oil 

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Step 1:

Open out the dough without retaining air in the crust to about 10 inches diameter. 

Step 2:

Place 2 dessert spoons of ricotta on one side, leaving space to seal the calzone once folded.

Step 3:

Add strips of Napoli salami on top of the ricotta.

Step 4:

Add mozzarella and basil. 

Step 5:

Fold over the empty side to form a half circle shape and fully seal the crusts .  

Step 6:

Once fully sealed, make sure it’s not stuck to the surface by lifting and moving it about slightly (use some flour on the work surface if needed). Pinch a small hole in the middle top of the calzone to stop it ballooning up in the oven.

Step 7:

Spread the pizza sauce carefully over the top and grate on a little hard cheese and a drizzle of oil.

Step 8:

Launch into the Gozney oven of choice and bake at 350°C/662°F for 3-4 minutes turning frequently to fully bake the dough and inside. Finish with a little extra hard cheese, fresh basil and a drizzle of oil. Enjoy! 

Okay, it is time to turn your Gozney outdoor oven on and get to work! Why don't you share your Neapolitan Calzone creation with us, just use the #gozneykitchen!

Recipe Contributor

Adam Atkins

Adam is a Gozney OG. He’s been firing out epic Neapolitan pizzas in Gozney ovens from his pop-up pizzeria (Peddling Pizzas) since 2016.


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