Gozney X Warehouse Pizza | Pizza kits

Gozney X Warehouse Pizza | Pizza kits

We’ve got big news!

We’re super excited to announce the launch of our new range of pizza kits, designed to bring a little taste of Italy straight to your front door. We’ve joined forces with The Packing Room@Warehouse Pizza and our good friend Adam Atkins aka @PeddlingPizzas to bring together everything you need to recreate some of our favourite pizza recipes with authentic Italian ingredients.

Pizza Kits

Whether you’re planning your next pizza night with loved ones or hosting a children’s party these kits include everything required to cook restaurant quality pizza at home.

Beginner's Pizza Making Kit - with dough balls

The perfect option for those making pizzas at home for the first time.

Get started with 12 ready-made dough balls, a dough scraper plus toppings so you are ready to go with no dough prep needed, allowing you to focus on opening up your dough and cooking pizzas to perfection.

Beginner's Pizza Making Kit

Have a go at making dough with our beginner’s kit which includes a dough scraper plus dough ingredients and delicious toppings. Check out our Gozney Kitchen recipes here so you can learn to prove and finish your dough like a pro!

The Essential Pizza Making Kit

Our Essential Pizza Making Kit is ideal for experienced pizzaiolos looking for premium ingredients to create the perfect pizzas at home. This kit includes ingredients to make the dough and an array of premium toppings to help get you started.

The Essential Pizza Making Kit - with Dough Balls

If you’d rather use pre-made dough balls to save time for your party prep, we’ve got an option for this too!

Ready Made Pizza Dough Balls 12pk

These dough balls are crafted using our good friend, Adam Atkins' aka Peddling Pizzas knockout recipe. Giving you the best puffed-up pizza crust you can get with dough delivered straight to your door!

Whether you’ve just received your Gozney pizza oven or are a seasoned pro, we have a kit for you.

Free shipping to England, Scotland & Wales excluding Scottish Highlands and Islands.