Gozney gives out of work chefs opportunity to earn money at home with a Gozney Roccbox

Gozney gives out of work chefs opportunity to earn money at home with a Gozney Roccbox

Are you an out of work chef due to Covid19?

We want you to keep cooking!!

Gozney is giving out of work chefs the opportunity to earn money at home with Gozney Roccbox, while their restaurants are temporarily closed due to Covid19.

Gozney Roccbox is a restaurant-grade portable outdoor pizza oven, it cooks using wood or gas, and reaches an incredible 950°F/500°C.

We describe Roccbox as restaurant-grade because it is built using the same design, engineering and professional grade materials as our market leading range of professional ovens, used by some of the world’s best chefs and found in many of the UK’s leading restaurant chains such as Franco Manca, Pizza Pilgrims and Benugo.

Since 2010 the restaurant business has been a huge part of Gozney’s story and is close to our heart. It is desperately sad for us to see that due to Covid19, restaurants are closing every day and many will go out of business altogether. Hospitality is a people business. From the chefs using our ovens to the restaurant owners who have supported us over the years. We know these people are having a tough time as closures are impacting lives, families and careers.

However we have seen some positivity in this difficult time - in the last few weeks there has been an unprecedented rise in the popularity of Gozney Roccbox as people look for engaging ways to stay busy at home, entertain the kids, and find antidotes to the boredom or stress of adapting to life at home during self-isolation.

That’s why we see an opportunity to help chefs to keep earning while they’re temporarily out of work, through using Gozney Roccbox, a smartphone and the power of social media to inspire people in self-isolation. From child friendly recipes or loving your leftovers, through to experimenting with restaurant quality dishes at home, we want you to show others what can be achieved outdoors with fire and stone cooking.

Roccbox owners go far beyond pizza, from searing steaks and roasting vegetables to baking bread - with a thick stone, unique rolling flame and unrivalled heat retention, Roccbox creates an exceptional cooking environment with endless cooking possibilities. No other portable oven performs like it.

How this works

The retail selling price of Gozney Roccbox is £399 in the UK via Gozney.com. Successful applicants will receive a Gozney Roccbox to use at home free of charge. We will then provide you with a unique trackable ‘affiliate link’ that ensures you get paid 10% of every sale generated within 60 days of a visitor reaching our site via any of your social media profiles.

How to apply

This initiative is only open to chefs in the UK and US with a limited number of places. We reserve the right to seek references. Follow this link and complete our application form.

To learn more about Gozney Roccbox click here.


    • hi
      Is This product how much ??

      evan on

    • Yo!! Everyone I’m Rida 23 years old chef born in Morocco , I raised in Italy. I’m young pizzaiolo and professional chef been working in one of the best pizzeria in Italy and find dining restaurant and love to make my own food at home, and making food made me happy 😃

      RIda sellam on

    • I am a professional chef with 25 years experience. 10 if those as an executive chef. I am currently at home baking bread with my own sourdough starter and running out of jobs to do. I live just over the water in hengistbury head and I love pizza . I love to make pizza with the kids and would love the opportunity to work with you in developing meals in the oven and helping you guys sell a few ovens too. A wood fired oven in my garden is a dream. I have tried to get your ovens into BH LIVE previously but it never happened. Please pick me and help me get through this scenario

      Stewart Parker on

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