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Roccbox Crowned #1 Best Backyard Pizza Oven by Serious Eats

If you haven’t been introduced to Serious Eats before… you are welcome. Serious Eats is one of the world’s most popular foodie websites. Claiming to be “the most trusted authority on deliciousness”, Serious Eats offers tips on food science, recipes and trailblazing cooking techniques. Read on to discover what happened when Serious Eats got their hands on Roccbox to review.

Behind Serious Eats is a team of skilled professionals who are obsessed with incredible food.  They believe, much like Gozney, that great food can be made at home and not just by the world’s top professional kitchens.

Fiercely independent, Serious Eats sort the facts from fiction, busting cooking myths and revealing recipes based on science. That’s why, when J. Kenji Lopez Alt from Serious Eats tested out Roccbox with a bunch of outdoor pizza ovens, the Gozney Team were excited to see the results.

With a New York Times Best Seller; The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science, under his belt and a passion for pizza, Kenji was the best candidate to put Roccbox through its paces.

“Where to start? Let’s begin with unpacking. The Roccbox comes fully assembled and ready to go which is great because the assembly is far more robust and heavy-duty than the folded-sheet-metal-with-screws construction of nearly every other oven I tested.”

While testing J. Kenji focused on temperature, timing, ease of use, robustness, looks and the ability to cook other food. To read the whole article and watch the video click here.

Winning first place over other outdoor pizza ovens, Roccbox was claimed to be “The Best Stand Alone Pizza Oven.” Most notable was the claim that Roccbox was particularly simple and reliable to use, with no “fussing or babysitting.”  J.Kenji was clear that Roccbox was an “incredible oven, whether you’re using gas or wood to fire it.”

J.Kenji also recommended the Roccbox Pizza Peel, stating “If Roccbox sold that peel separately I would not hesitate to recommend it as my top choice”. So that’s exactly what Gozney did, the Roccbox Pizza Peel is now available to purchase separately. Already included within the Roccbox box upon purchase, additional peels can be purchased separately on the Gozney site here.

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