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Company Overview

Innovators in Stone & Fire Products

Our mission is to combine the latest advancements in technology with the ancient practice of stone and fire cooking. This is achieved through an eagerness to listen to what users truly demand and a relentless drive to innovate products that not only meet, but exceed the requirements of both professional and home-enthusiast chefs alike.

Over 6,000 ovens sold to homes and businesses in 2017

Everyone at Gozney is delighted to bring their passion for wood-fired get-togethers to more and more businesses and homes around the world every year. The demand for Gozney is rapidly increasing with over 6,000 ovens finding a home in 2017.

Gozney have dispatched ovens to over 42 countries in 2017

From Peru to Perth, Gambia to Necker Island, you’ll find Gozney products in all four corners of the globe. We believe it’s because the beauty of cooking with stone and fire is truly universal.

More than 28 million pizzas perfected with a Gozney oven

In a recent study, it was found that home cooks, on average, use their Gozney oven once a week and cook 3 pizzas each time. Not to be outdone, commercial chefs make, on average, 150 pizzas per day, every day of the year, excluding Christmas day.

Fair and Transparent Manufacturing 

We assess our manufacturing processes to ensure that our suppliers meet international standards of ethical practice. This is reviewed on a regular basis.

Environmentally Conscious

From the sourcing of conscientious packaging, to ensuring our suppliers meet environmental standards. We are always looking to reduce our environmental footprint as a company.

We Strive to Innovate

As part of our quest to design cutting-edge products that incorporate the latest technology, Gozney encourages the nurturing of young designers and engineers to bring something new to the table.

You First

Our company was built by word of mouth, so customer service is integral to how we run as a business – from the way we design our ovens around you, to the way we’ll be on hand to help at any stage.

Company Culture

As you might expect from a team of people who spend their time finding new ways to bring people together around great food, we aim to make Gozney a challenging but fun place to work (and play).


Our stone and fire ovens are truly built to last and it’s the very high standards of quality that will set your Gozney oven apart. Everything, from the burner to the pizza peel, is precision engineered so that it doesn’t just look the part. It works the part.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do

A message from our founder

“Our collective, ancient interest in cooking on an open flame has always been fascinating to me. I’m passionate about amazing food, the process of creating it and most importantly, sharing it. That’s where the concept for Gozney came from, designing pioneering stone products to encourage people to cook more and hopefully socialise more too. The result has been an incredible journey in design and engineering, supported by a passionate team of like-minded individuals. Our aim at Gozney is to combine the latest technology with the traditional practice of cooking with fire and stone. We focus on the innovation so you can focus on the food.”

Tom Gozney

Founder & CEO

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