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Roccbox by Gozney is the world’s first portable and insulated stone oven. Chosen by professional chefs and home cooks alike, Roccbox enables unique cooking techniques to be achieved at home. Able to produce the authentic cooking capabilities of larger brick or stone ovens, Roccbox is capable of creating a vast array of dishes, from the most simple ‘quick fix’, to more complex, high-end cuisine. Inspired by the concept of sharing great food with more people.

Able to bake authentic Neapolitan pizza in less than 90 seconds, Roccbox also roasts, bakes, grills and sears to seal in flavour. The ability to achieve higher temperatures than conventional cooking means results in flavourful food, cooked faster. Packed with many design features to love, Roccbox is easy to set up and use. Maintain authenticity with the wood burner, or glean convenience and efficiency from the powerful gas burner.

authentic stone cooking on demand

Roccbox is a high performance, compact oven, capable of reaching in excess of 500°C/932°F. It’s smart design twins a porous stone floor with a powerful, live rolling flame. Roccbox takes honest, simple ingredients and provides fast, aspirational food – too good not to share.

Master wood fired cooking with the wood burner

With Roccbox you don’t have to be a skilled chef to indulge in authentic wood fired cooking. The easy-to-load hopper lets you feed wood directly into Roccbox’s wood burner, imparting subtle smoky flavours into your dishes, so you can cook like a professional, no culinary training required.   

Convenience at the turn of a DIAL with the powerful gas burner

An alternative to wood fired cooking, choose the convenience of gas with the easy to control Roccbox gas burner. A fast, simple means of cooking on stone, the powerful gas burner reaches high temperatures quickly and efficiently, ensuring you can focus on entertaining.

TWIST TO Switch between each burner

Roccbox’s ingenious design allows for simple and swift fuel change over. Twist and switch between the high speed, convenient gas burner to the authentic smoky flavours of the wood burner, as and when required.

Open door cooking

Roccbox’s open door design enables easy access to dishes and a clear, real time view of its powerful cooking abilities. Stone bake pizza, sear meats and grill fast with the open door functionality.

Closed door cooking

For lower temperature, slower cooking, Roccbox’s unique cast iron door and pan provides the perfect solution. Use to provide exceptional heat retention for gentle roasting and specialist baking capabilities.

Safer cooking at higher temperatures

Packed with dense, commercial-grade insulation, Roccbox offers superior heat retention. Twinning aesthetics with functionality, Roccbox’s unique silicone jacket serves to be safer for hands too.

Under floor thermometer for consistent temperature control

Monitor Roccbox’s versatile cooking temperatures with the inbuilt, underfloor, thermocouple thermometer. Simple to read, match the temperature to Gozney’s recipes or adapt to your own recipes at home.

Professional grade pizza peel

Each Roccbox comes with a specially designed pizza peel, made from lightweight pressed aluminium. Designed to work in tandem with the oven, the tapered edge and perforated surface boosts functionality, while the anodised finish ensures long-term durability.


Coming soon, the Roccbox Door and Pan. Made from 100% high grade cast iron, the Roccbox Door and Pan has combined functionality to enable a range of additional cooking capabilities including smoking, slower roasting and specialist baking techniques.

Packed with everything you need

  • Roccbox Stone Floor Oven
  • Professional Grade Pizza Peel
  • Roccbox Wood Burner
  • Roccbox Gas Burner
  • Roccbox Lift Strap
  • Instruction Manual
  • Integrated Thermometer
  • Hopper Tool


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Discover new cooking possibilities

Roccbox enables you to manipulate time and intensify flavour like never before. Click here to discover a new world of inspiring cooking techniques enabled by Roccbox’s unique cooking capabilities.

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