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For years stone ovens have been a focal point for entertaining family and friends. However, the caveats of installing such products have always included a large, outdoor space and a significant budget to purchase. With a passion for innovation and a hunger for new challenges, Gozney saw an opportunity to bring the same incredible food and social experiences, but to a much wider audience.

3 years in development and multiple prototypes later, Gozney had created the world’s first insulated, stone floor, portable oven. Masterfully designed down to the very last detail, Roccbox is manufactured to exacting commercial standards. The product incorporates numerous design features and unprecedented functionality, making it unlike any other cooking product on the market today.

“Roccbox had to perform like a Gozney Professional Oven but had to be compact, stylish and easy to use. We wanted our customers to enjoy the benefits of our larger ovens without the budget and space requirements associated. Today, Roccbox has been crowned the best outdoor oven of it’s kind, which is testament to our unrelenting approach to innovation and our professional design experience".

Tom Gozney - Inventor, Founder and CEO

built to authentic stone oven ratios

Roccbox meets the specific design ratios of larger, professional stone ovens. Balancing door height and air in, to internal vault height for efficient heating and consistent cooking abilities.


Unlike conventional home cooking equipment, Roccbox has a unique rolling flame. Combining the powerful wood or gas burner with the specialist rear angled baffle plate, ensures heat is reflected from the internal oven body and invested in the oven’s stone. This provides consistent, reradiated heat for authentic stone cooking and exceptionally high output.

86% heat retention with specialist insulators

Roccbox contains far more insulation proportionally than even a commercial grade oven, making it the most densely insulated portable oven on the market by some distance. This results in Roccbox not only having greater efficiency and a lower fuel consumption, but maintaining consistent floor temperatures, even with exceptionally high throughput of food items.

density & porosity balanced in the stone floor

Roccbox’s stone floor is the thickest and most robust in it’s sector.  The result is a cooking surface that balances density, for a hardwearing longevity with porosity, a key aspect in creating a true stone oven environment. The thermal capabilities of the stone are essential for creating an authentic stone bake environment, classic of larger stone oven counterparts.


The powerful gas burner has been specifically designed to produce a bright flame, equivalent to those used to successfully heat larger, brick or stone ovens. Achieving temperature with little to no flame maintenance, many choose the gas burner as a convenient method for cooking on stone.


The Roccbox wood burner body features a twin lined chamber with gasification technology for a cleaner, more efficient burn and less ash. Simply load the hopper with small pieces of kiln dried wood for traditional wood fired cooking capabilities.

Expertly engineered from over 100 unique parts.

Bringing together the highest grade of insulation, cast stone, silicone and stainless steel. Learn more about Roccbox’s specifications.

Roccbox Specification

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