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Roccbox Frequently Ask Questions

What is included with a Roccbox?

Included in your Roccbox order is a Roccbox wood and gas fired oven, gas burner, wood burner, pizza peel, Roccbox keyring and user manual.

Is Roccbox portable?

Yes! Roccbox is portable.
Roccbox can be used for camping holidays, beach trips, on boats, in the garden – pretty much anywhere you like!

How much does Roccbox weigh?

Roccbox itself weighs just 20kg. It is super portable, compact and lightweight.
The Roccbox package as delivered, (with burners, pizza peel, keyring and user manual) weighs in at 29kg.

What can I cook in Roccbox?

You can cook almost everything that your conventional oven can cook, only faster and with better results!  Roccbox allows you to:

  • Cook authentic Neapolitan pizza in 60 seconds
  • Bake breads and pastries to perfection
  • Beautifully char steaks in the oven’s intense dry heat
  • Produce mouth-watering crackling/crispy skin, by rendering down the fat from joints of meat
  • Roast or grill your favourite meat, fish and vegetable dishes

How long does Roccbox take to heat up?

You can expect your Roccbox to be up to temperature in around 20-30 minutes however there are a number of factors that could affect this, such as;
Ambient temperature, Weather conditions and also which fuel you are using.

Is the oven insulated?

Yes! Both the body of the oven and the cooking floor itself are fully insulated for increased heat retention.

Does Roccbox have a stone floor?

Yes! Both the body of the oven and the cooking floor itself are fully insulated for increased heat retention.

How much smoke does Roccbox produce?

Not much at all. Expect a small amount of smoke whilst the oven is getting up to temperature. Otherwise, Roccbox is relatively smokeless.

How much wood does the oven use?

Depending on external ambient conditions and the type of wood that you are using, you can expect to use a small bag of kindling per hour in the oven.

How many people can Roccbox cater for?

Depending on external ambient conditions and the type of wood that you are using, you can expect to use a small bag of kindling per hour in the oven.

How much maintenance does Roccbox need?

Due to the high temperatures that Roccbox reaches, the cooking floor is relatively self cleaning, burning away any leftover food residue – ideal! As for externally, Roccbox can be cleaned with standard household cleaning products that are suitable for silicone and stainless steel.

What if I am in a smoke restricted area?

Not to worry, Roccbox falls into the same category as a household BBQ and produces less smoke than one.

What is the best wood to use?

We always recommend kiln dried, hardwood kindling. They have a very low moisture content meaning they burner really efficiently and get your Roccbox up to temperature in no time.

Can you use Roccbox indoors?

Roccbox is an outdoors only certified product so we are unable to advise on its use indoors.

I’m not from the UK, can I still get a Roccbox?

Yes! Roccbox is available in the UK, EU, US and now AUS!

Transit Times

  • UK –   1-6 working days
  • EU –   1-6 working days
  • US –   2-10 working days
  • AUS – 2-7 working days

We also have distributors in the UAE and Israel.
GCC Distributors-

Israel Distributors-

Can you use Roccbox on natural gas?

Roccbox has only been certified for use with Propane and Butane. It is provided with a propane regulator however this can be changed to a Butane regulator if necessary. With this in mind, we are unable to advise on its use with natural gas and we don’t have any plans for a conversion kit at the moment. Sorry!

What gas should I buy?

In the UK, we recommend using a propane lpg patio gas bottle. The Calor gas 5kg bottles are readily available at hardware stores and garages and last for around 20 hours on full heat.

Product Support

My oven isn’t getting up to temp on wood, what can I do?

For optimum temperatures, we recommend using a kiln dried hardwood kindling (pref ash, oak or beech) and this should be around 13cm long and 2.5cm thick or smaller if available!
Keeping your hopper door shut as much as possible will also help that temperature climb.
If your wood is stored outside is it likely to be taking on moisture, we recommend storing your wood in a dry place. You could also kiln dry your wood yourself in a conventional oven on low heat.

My gas burner is not sparking, what can I do?

Normally this issue is caused by the tip being knocked and then not creating a large enough spark to light the oven. See example of how this should look below. If yours does not look like this, we suggest moving the metal tip with some pliers or similar to sit around 5mm from the top of the oven and this should then spark.

My wood/ gas burner is stuck on…

If you are unable to twist this out by hand, we suggest using a rubber mallet to tap the hopper shoot gently. If not, use an Allen key to remove the plate that holds the rope seal in place, this should then also release the burner.

My silicone jacket is expanding when hot…

This is completely normal and to be expected! It is the trapped air between the silicone and the insulation jacket and this expands when it gets hot as an added safety precaution.

My Roccbox has arrived with a crack in the stone, can I use it?

It sounds as though your Roccbox has unfortunately been damaged in transit, please send us a photo showing this before using the oven and we will do our best to replace this as soon as possible for you.

Will the regulator provided fit the gas bottles in my country?

For the EU and UK, we only currently provide the one 37mbar push fit regulator apart from Germany where we provide a 50mbar burner. In the US, we provide a 28mbar screw fit regulator. If you need an alternative one to this, we would recommend you go to a local hardware store to pick up the correct one for your territory.

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