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Our Story

The hunger for better food that sparked an innovation in product design.

What began as one man’s quest for the perfect home-cooked pizza, resulted in a localised food revolution and a world-class range of innovative stone and fire products.

Meet Tom Gozney, the designer and innovator behind Gozney. In 2010, Tom designed a range of high quality, precast stone ovens and set up The Stone Bake Oven Company to bring them to market. Designed and made in the UK, the ovens inspired a movement in stone cooking at home. In fact, they proved such a success that the company grew and added Gozney Professional Ovens – a comprehensive range of wood and gas fired stone ovens that can now be found in a great number of the world’s leading commercial kitchens.

As the Gozney team has grown, the focus has consistently remained on the creation of delicious food and innovative design. Tom’s objective has been to listen to customer’s challenges and innovate as a direct response to their needs. A clear example of this has been the creation of Roccbox, the world’s first portable, insulated stone floor oven, which enables cooking with fire and stone to be accessible to a wider audience. In 2018, the existing product lines were consolidated under one company ‘Gozney’, synonymous with quality and innovation.

Today, Tom and the Gozney team push design boundaries and incorporate advanced user-friendly technology to achieve one ultimate goal: to enable everyone to share incredible food with family and friends.

The Stone Bake Oven Company

After building traditional brick ovens by hand for some time, Tom researched refractory materials and developed mould designs in order to start The Stone Bake Oven Company. Specialising in precast, affordable ovens for the home and garden, it was the first company of its kind in the UK.

Gozney Professional Ovens

With The Stone Bake Oven Company dominating the UK home stone oven market and sales to Europe on the increase, both the team and the product line expanded to include Gozney Professional Ovens – a range of large, wood and gas fired stone ovens, specifically designed for commercial use.


Tom designed Roccbox, the world’s first portable, insulated, stone floor oven to bring stone oven cooking to more people. Launching via Indiegogo, Roccbox raised more than $1.2 million USD in just 45 days.

After building a pizza oven in his back garden, Tom began hand-building brick pizza ovens for local restaurants.
Researching and refining refractory materials, Tom designed a compact precast, affordable stone oven and launched The Stone Bake Oven Company.
Gozney Professional Ovens was launched alongside The Stone Bake Oven Company specialising in wood and gas fired, commercial grade stone ovens.
Continued growth sees Gozney Professional Ovens becoming the chosen supplier for some of the UK's best restaurants and pizzerias.
Gozney invents Roccbox, a compact, portable, stone floor oven, which was launched via Indiegogo raising $1.2million USD in just 45 days.
Gozney brings together The Stone Bake Oven Company, Gozney Professional Ovens and Roccbox under one brand synonymous with quality.
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